Global Studies Association, 14th Annual Conference

The University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

June 12 – 14, 2015
Sponsored by: College of Languages, Literature, and Social Sciences, President’s Commission on Global Initiative, and Center for International Studies and Programs
To submit a 100-word abstract or a panel idea, send it in the body of an email to Jerry Harris at by May 10, 2015. Please include your full name and affiliation. All presentation topics will be considered.
See more information at
Keynote Panels
Special Film Screening of Shift Change
Following discussion with directors Mellissa Young and Mark Dworkin
Race and Class in the Solidarity Economy
Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Michael Peck
Rob Witherell
Economic Democracy as Political Strategy
Carl Davidson
Francis Shor
Jerry Harris
 Keynote Panels
 Keynote Presentation
Gar Alperovitz
Globalization and the Urban Industrial Crisis: Detroit, Chicago and Gary
Frank Hammer
Ruth Needleman
Dan Swinney
From Protest to Resistance and Visionary Organizing​: Boggs Center

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