Statistics in Ethnographic Research (July 20-24, 2015) Summer Course

Supported by the National Science Foundation

This five-day course covers the concepts and skills needed for analyzing and interpreting quantitative data collected as part of ethnographic field research. Researchers will learn how to: (1) develop quantitative measures of behaviors, attitudes, and material objects; (2) provide group-level summaries of quantitative data; (3) frame expectations about group differences and relationships between variables; (4) test those expectations with quantitative data; and (5) justify why a specific test is appropriate for a given kind of data.

In addition to lectures, the course involves class activities, visualizations, and analysis of real data, to illustrate the main concepts and skills and to walk participants through the steps of quantitative data collection and analysis. A supplemental web site contains primary course materials—lecture powerpoints, readings, activity modules, and datasets analyzed in the course.

A key goal of the course is to familiarize participants with techniques for analyzing the kinds of quantitative data commonly collected as part of ethnographic field research.



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