“Sustainability in the Global City: Myth and Practice” (New Book)


• Introduction: Urban Sustainability as Myth and Practice – Melissa Checker, Gary McDonogh, and Cindy Isenhour
PART I – Building the Myth: Branding the Green Global City
• “We’re not that kind of Developing Country”: Environmental Awareness in Contemporary China – Jennifer Hubbert
• Green Capitals Reconsidered – Cindy Isenhour
• Lessons of Unsustainbility: Learning from Hong Kong – Gary McDonogh
• Going Green? Washing Stones in World-Class Delhi – Varsha Patel
PART II – Planning, Design and Sustainability in the Wake of Crisis
• The Sustainability Edge: Competition, Crisis and the Rise of Green Urban Branding – Miriam Greenberg
• Developing Sustainable Visions for Post-Catastrophe Communities – Daniel Slone
I’ve Got a House but No Room for My HammockAna Servigna & Ali Fernandez
• Green is the New Brown: Old School Toxics and Environmental Gentrification on a New York City Waterfront – Melissa Checker
• Producing Sustainable futures in Post-Genocide Kigali, Rwanda – Samuel Shearer
PART III – Everyday Engagements with Urbanity and “Nature”
• Whose Urban Forest? The Political Ecology of Foraging Urban Nontimber Forest Products – Patrick Hurley, Marla Emery, Rebecca McLain, Melissa Poe, Brian Grabbatin, and Cari Goetcheus
• One Man’s Trash – Brad Rogers
• Shopping on Main Street: A Model of a Community-Based Food Economy – Kathleen Bubinas
• Spokespeople for a Mute Nature: The Case of the Villa Rodrigo Bueno in Buenos Aires – Marıa Carman
́PART IV – Cities Divided: Urban Intensification, Neoliberalism and Urban Activism
• Combining Sustainability and Social Justice in the Paris Metropolitan Region – Francois Mancebo
• ̧Shifting Gears: The Intersections of Race and Sustainability in Memphis – Matthew Farr, Keri Brondo & Scout Anglin
• Can Human Infrastructure Combat Green Gentrification? Ethnographic Research on Bicycling in Los Angeles and Seattle – Adonia Lugo
Urban Sustainability as a Boundary Object: Interrogating Discourses of Urban Intensification in Ottawa, Canada – Donald Leffers
• The Environmental Justice of Affordable Housing: East Austin,Gentrification, and Resistance -Eliot Tretter
• After Sustainability: Barcelona in a Time of Crisis – Gary McDonogh

Urban Sustainability as Myth and Practice – Alf Hornborg


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