PHOTO CONTEST LASA 2015 / Precariedades, exclusiones, emergencias.

PHOTO CONTEST LASA2015 / Precariedades, exclusiones, emergencias. 

The Latin American Studies Association (LASA) invites you to submit photos reflecting upon social, cultural, and educational conflicts, and the increasing precariousness of life in 21st century Latin America. In particular, we seek images that reflect social and labor issues affecting Latin Americans; the realities of class, gender, sexual identity, age, and racial exclusion; and images that portray the diverse forms of agency that emerge in these social, political, economic, and cultural processes, seen in events such as the recent mobilization of millions in Brazil, the growing environmental crisis and its effects on local communities, the plight of undocumented immigrants in the United States, and student protests against privatization of public education of the past years.

The image chosen will be used on the congress book and App of LASA2015- Precariedades, Exclusiones, Emergencias along with any other LASA2015 advertisement/posters.  The photographer selected will receive full credit for their picture with their names printed in the program book.


• Photos submitted must be the original work of the person making the submission and they should have full permission to use the photo in the contest  

• This contest is limited to digital color or B/W images

• Each photo must be at least of a resolution of 300dpi, with at least one of the two dimensions being around 8.5in)

• Each person who enters the contest may submit 3 photos, or fewer.


Any amateur or professional photographer who is eighteen years of age or older can enter this contest.


Submit your images by email to Paloma Diaz ( by December 1, 2014

Include the following information along with the image.  (If you submit more than one image include the same information for each submission)  

1- On the e-mail subject line enter: LASA photo contest entry by “your name”

In the message area please include

2- Title of the picture

3- Name of contestant

4- Contact phone number

5- E-mail address

6- Date and location of the picture

7- Brief description of image

8- Acknowledgement that you own the rights to use this image

For more information contact LASA Social Media Coordinator, Paloma Díaz-Lobos University of Texas/Austin

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