2015 UAA Conference: Transnationalism from Above and Below: The Dynamics of Place-making in the Global City – CFP

2015 UAA Conference: Call for Participation
April 8-11, 2015
Intercontinental Miami, 100 Chopin Plaza Miami, FL 33131
Call for Participation
Conference Policies -(Proposal submission starts July 1, 2014)

• Review the conference policies for proposal submission, registration, & presentation scheduling.
• English is the official conference language. All abstracts, session proposals, papers and presentations must be prepared in English.
Proposal Submission: Participation Formats (Proposal submission starts July 1, 2014)
• Individual paper presentation
Individuals may submit a proposal to present a researched-based paper. If your paper proposal is accepted, the program committee groups it with three or four other related papers into a panel. Each panelist presents his or her paper, and an open discussion follows the presentations. Each panel includes a moderator, who manages the time and introduces the panelists. Panel sessions are 80 minutes in length.
• Poster presentation
A poster is an alternative way to present the results of a research paper. However, a poster is not simply a set of full text pages of a research paper pinned to a board. To make a poster presentation, an author must prepare a set of printed pages that show the major components of her/his research study in a very concise and visually interesting manner. As a poster presenter, you have a unique opportunity to directly explain your work to colleagues who share your interests. A proposal for a poster presentation requires the submission of an abstract and full contact information for each author and co-author.
• Breakfast roundtable
A breakfast roundtable is an informal discussion of a topic during breakfast. The discussion is led by one or more persons but open to anyone who wishes to join in and share his or her views. If more than one person will lead the roundtable, only the primary leader must submit a proposal.
• Organized colloquy
A colloquy is a structured, formal discussion of a topic by a group of pre-selected individuals (typically four or five people). A colloquy proposal is submitted by an organizer who has invited individual speakers to participate in the proposed discussion.
• Organized panel
An organized panel consists of a pre-selected group of papers that are identified by an organizer. The organizer submits the abstract and contact information for each paper’s author(s).
• Volunteer moderator
This option is designed for those who wish to actively participate in the conference but who are not involved in any of the session types/roles described above. Do not choose this option if you are presenting a paper/poster or serving as a colloquy speaker or breakfast roundtable convener.
– See more at: http://urbanaffairsassociation.org/conference/conference2015/submit-a-proposal/#sthash.mGzW4CwD.dpuf

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