Transnational Engagement: Bridging Latina/o and Latin American Anthropology – Volunteered Session AAA 2013 Annual meeting

Co-Organizers: Nancy Rios (UT-Austin) & Santiago Guerra (Colorado College)
Chair: Santiago Guerra (Colorado College)
Session Abstract:
American Anthropology’s relationship to Latinas/os and Latin America has been one fraught with controversy. Through his research in Mexico, Oscar Lewis developed the concept of the culture of poverty, which still haunts the social sciences today. In the Southwest many other anthropologists, including William Madsen and Arthur Rubel, perpetuated racist stereotypes of the Mexican population through their research. Yet, today anthropologists continue to engage the Latina/o community and Latin America in their research on issues of social movements, migration, race, class, indigineity, transnationalism and neoliberalism among others. The state of
Latina/o anthropology and Latin American anthropology is an important and necessary point of engagement “in our efforts to transform our disciplinary identity and capacity in terms of knowledge production and relevance in a world of radical change.”

This panel explores how Latina/o communities and communities in Latin America contend with the material and cultural realities of transnational life and attempts to bridge the work of Latina/o Anthropology and Latin American Anthropology. The impetus for an ”Anthropology of the Americas” provides a necessary engagement for the discipline to understand the local and global processes that shape the lives of the residents of the Americas. Through the work of anthropologists working with the Latina/o communities
and communities and Latin America, the participants in this panel seek to chart a path towards
this end.

We invite panelists working in Latina/o Anthropology and/or Latin American anthropology to join us in this engagement.
Please contact Nancy Rios ( and Santiago Guerra ( by April 5th if you are interested in being part of the panel. Accepted panelists will need to submit abstracts by April 10th.


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