Call for Roundtable Participants AAA 2013: “Latin America after Chavez”

President Hugo Chavez has had an unquestionable impact on contemporary political and social movements in Latin America and across the globe.  While the longevity of this influence is yet to be determined, his death has opened up a unique opportunity for researchers working throughout Latin America.  How will the region respond to this potential shift in regional politics?  I pose a challenge to Latin American scholars to examine the political, economic, and social landscape over the next few months in an attempt to understand the ramifications of his death on people throughout the region.
For example, one goal of this roundtable would be to discuss the impact of the death of Chavez on the “Pink Tide” that has been sweeping Latin America.  More specifically, how has his passing impacted ALBA and its member nations in their
attempts to promote a more socialist agenda?  While it is far too early to know at this point, those interested in participating in the roundtable would agree to follow the political, economic, and social ramifications of the death of Chaves in the countries in which they currently work.  While anyone working in the region is welcome to participate, precedence will be given to individuals working in the  nations actively participating in ALBA:  St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ecuador, Antiqua and Barbuda, Dominica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Cuba.
As a scholar on Nicaragua, my particular interest is to examine the impact of the death of Chavez on ALBA and the ability
of Daniel Ortega to continue with the numerous social development programs that have been funded by the organization.  What would you like to examine in this context?
Individuals interested in participating in this roundtable please contact Courtney Kurlanska at by April 7th.

Please distribute widely!
Courtney Kurlanska
Visiting College Lecturer – Department of Anthropology
University of Akron


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