Issues that may arise in a post-Chávez Venezuela – Analysis by Joy Olson and David Smilde

“Chávez has been the glue holding together a coalition of political actors.  The question is: Will the adhesive hold without Chávez to continue the Bolivarian socialist model?  If the opposition hopes to win the next election, it will have to create a political project that recognizes and addresses the newly empowered poor, sees them as part of the solution and addresses the issues of their daily lives.

But whoever takes charge, Chávez has changed the political landscape of Venezuela”. (Olson, J. and Smilde, D)

Joy Olson is the executive director of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). David Smilde is a senior fellow there specializing in Venezuela, and moderates its Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights blog.

Read the entire article:


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