The Metro Cable of San Agustin – Caracas – Venezuela (From Urban-Think Tank)

Located within one of Caracas, Venezuela’s largest and least accessible barrios, the new cable car system is integrated within the Metro System of Caracas. Designed by Urban-Think Tank, the Metro Cable of San Agustin is 2.1 km in length and employs gondolas holding 8 passengers each. The Metro Cables capacity allows for the movement of 1,200 people per hour in each direction.

The design was conceived by Urban-Think Tank in collaboration with community residents, local leaders, and international experts. Additionally, each cable car station will possess different social and cultural services such as low-cost housing, a gymnasium, public space, a supermarket, and a day care center. This project is predicated upon public transportation but strives to holistically bolster the foundations of San Agustin.


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